Are Comic Books, Graphic Novels, and Manga’s Books?

Before I even begin to answer this, I will ask you this question: Are picture books real books? The answer appears to be an obvious answer. This answer, to most people, is yes. So, why is it that comic books – which at this time I am not talking about subscription comic books just comic strip collections and subscription comic books that have been compiled into a book, graphic novels, and manga’s are often not viewed in this way? These types of books are told with both pictures and words as are picture books. Take away the drawings in either and you still have a written story, which is usually readable without the drawings with the exception of the few fully drawn books that include absolutely no words.

So with this in mind, are comic books, graphic novels, and manga’s books? For me the answer is yes they are books.

For those of you in doubt or that disagree, I will leave you will one final thought on this subject. What is the definition of a book. Although this varies a little depending on where you look it up, you will find a definition along these lines:

1) A set of written, printed, or blank sheets bound together into a volume.

2) A set of written, printed, or blank pages fastened along one side and encased between protective covers.

So, what are your thoughts on the subject? And if you like these types of books, make sure to stop by next week when I post a list of some of the comic books, graphic novels, and manga’s that I really like, and the week after that stop by to read an interview with an upcoming new manga author!


About animalsandmagic

I am an author and publisher of children’s fiction, as well as an artist, and photographer. I also enjoy reading, playing video games, watching TV & movies, and more. I love animals and currently have a toy poodle named Merveille, and a Mini Rex rabbit named Kojikaki. Many of my pets over the years have been rescues from shelters. I also have selective mutism, and social phobia and am a big supporter of mental health awareness as well as animal rescue.
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2 Responses to Are Comic Books, Graphic Novels, and Manga’s Books?

  1. yelodoggie says:

    I don’t know which graphic novels will be on your list, but if Elfquest isn’t, I highly recommend it.

    • That isn’t currently on my list, but I do plan on reading them. I am currently collecting the books out of order from my local library as they sell their copies, and as soon as I have the first few I will start.

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