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Review of “Sidekicks” by: Jack D. Ferraiolo

At first I didn’t like it too much and the book ranged from me not liking it to the book being okay. It wasn’t until about 100 pages in that I began liking it. After reading the whole book, overall … Continue reading

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Review of “It’s Me or the Dog: How to Have the Perfect Pet” by: Victoria Stillwell

This book is a really good dog training book. Not only does it teach how to train a dog using positive reinforcement it also helps you see things from the dog’s point of view. I used it successfully to train … Continue reading

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Twice as Fun

Sometimes I read or watch something that while I am enjoying, I don’t fully understand. Then sometime within the next week I will be doing something completely unrelated when suddenly it becomes clear. I’m not one to reread or rewatch … Continue reading

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Short Stories vs. Long

Short Stories are often quick and fun reads but they don’t always feel complete. Sometimes there are little reasons for this and other times the reasons are much larger. Sometimes characters don’t have time to fully develop and many details are … Continue reading

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