Twice as Fun

Sometimes I read or watch something that while I am enjoying, I don’t fully understand. Then sometime within the next week I will be doing something completely unrelated when suddenly it becomes clear. I’m not one to reread or rewatch things, but at these times, when remembering an thinking back on everything, after finally figuring out what was going on, I feel as if I have read or watched whatever it was again and enjoyed it even more the second time. I kind of like it when this happens and it is for this reason that if I don’t understand a book at first, I don’t give it a rating or review to start. I wait up to a week before I do this. Luckily this rarely happens with books it is more something that happens with TV shows than anything else.

Does anyone else have these types of experiences?


About animalsandmagic

I am an author, artist, and owner of A & M Moonlight Creations. I love animals and have adopted most of my pets from rescue centers. I have written over 200 stories in the areas of animals, the relationships between humans and animals, magic, superheroes, and more.
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