Reading Levels, Are They Rules or Suggestions?

The books, I have enjoyed most over the years have often been at the children’s and YA reading levels. Even now as an adult, this is still where I find most of my reading material. I rarely read adult level books. Many people seem to believe that once you are past a certain reading level you should stop reading these books. Others believe that as long as the reader is enjoying the book being older than the target age level doesn’t matter. I happen to believe that age and reading level don’t matter, unless the book is above a readers level. Reading levels were designed to guide readers to books and knowing the reading level ensures that younger readers don’t read and get frustrated by books that may be too hard for them to read and understand. They keep the books enjoyable. The reading levels also give insight to who will probably enjoy the book most. This in no way means that older readers can’t read younger level books. As long as the book interests them and they find it enjoyable, this is what is important and this is how I choose books to read for myself. I only pay attention to subject and book description; never reading level because I will read it regardless of this. Anyone who feels readers should only read books that are in their reading level should consider this; It is adults who write most children’s and YA level books so if adults can write them shouldn’t they also be allowed to read them?


About animalsandmagic

I am an author and publisher of children’s fiction, as well as an artist, and photographer. I also enjoy reading, playing video games, watching TV & movies, and more. I love animals and currently have a toy poodle named Merveille, and a Mini Rex rabbit named Kojikaki. Many of my pets over the years have been rescues from shelters. I also have selective mutism, and social phobia and am a big supporter of mental health awareness as well as animal rescue.
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