Review of “Chi’s Sweet Home” by: Kanata Konami


At first this book took a little getting used to because the kitten, Chi’s, thoughts are in baby talk which bugged me a little because it was a little hard to read until I got used to it. Originally, based on this fact, I was going to give it four stars, not five, but the combination of the stories, as it is made up of short stories, and the cute and often funny drawings made this book a really fun read. It also helped that Chi’s thoughts and actions felt like those of a real kittens and I think anyone who has ever owned, lived with, or been around kittens will be able to relate to these stories. Cat and animal lovers will definitely want to read this book!

I have now read almost the whole series and have really loved all of them!


About animalsandmagic

I am an author, artist, and the owner of A&M Moonlight Creations, an independent publishing company. I primarily write children’s fiction about animals, magic, superheroes, and more. Some of my upcoming works include an anthology, realistic fiction and my story of growing up with selective mutism, all of which I’m writing with the intention of promoting mental health awareness. I read a lot as my followers on Goodreads, BookBub, and Twitter are well aware of. I have many hobbies and interests. Reading and photography are my main hobbies. I also love animals and currently have a Toy Poodle named Merveille, and a Mini Rex rabbit named Kojikaki. I have adopted most of my pets from rescue centers.
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