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Review of “Scruffy” by: Jack Stonely

This was one of my favorite books ever! It is the story of a stray dog with plenty of action and adventure to keep the reader interested without ever feeling unrealistic. Perfect for anyone who loves dogs.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Developing Characters

Developing characters for stories has both advantages and disadvantages. You don’t need to fully develop every character you write about, but if you do you will want to make sure they have their own personalities. It’s fine for several characters … Continue reading

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Review of “Tanglewreck” by: Jeanette Winterson

I found this book to be a really well written sci-fi novel. I am a fan of time travel and found the time facts very interested and well blended into this fictional tale. I also found the subjects about gaining … Continue reading

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Carnival Won Fish Don’t Live…or do They?

 At over 10 years old and due to be 11 this October, you would never guess that my Goldfish, Pumpkin, was once a carnival prize. Our life together began one October when I attended a Halloween carnival. Like many carnivals, … Continue reading

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