Which Did it Best-Historical Fiction for Children

Looking through books I have read I noticed that several of them are parts of historical fiction series for children. Previously I thought I didn’t like historical fiction so I was a bit surprised by this. Due to the fact that I read several and enjoyed most of the ones I read I decided to compare these books. The following books have been compared not just by the storyline and my enjoyment of it, but my ability to remember the facts presented as well.

The Books

Horse Diaries: Each book in this series was written by a different author and is told by the horse. I found this series to have some interesting and entertaining stories that ranged from good to excellent. They all read well in the sense that unless you recognized the facts and the books didn’t say, you wouldn’t know that the stories were based off of real horses and true events, however I didn’t retain many of these facts.

Dog Diaries: Each book in this series was written by Kate Klimo. This series looks and reads much like the Horse Diaries series, however the facts are more obvious particularly because the famous dogs, such as Barry and Togo, tell you right in the first chapter that they were real dogs and all the events in the book actually happened. This makes it harder to ignore the fact that the books are historical fiction so while I liked the stories and reading about the dogs, my disinterest in history often got in the way. However, unlike the Horse Diaries series I retained most of the facts.

Maximilian P. Mouse, Time Traveler: Each book in this series was written by Philip M. Horender. I have only read a couple of these books and while I found them to be good I haven’t really gotten that into them. So far I have only gotten into them enough to continue to read the series. I found fact retention happened on and off with these books.

Blast to the Past: Each book in this series was written by Stacia Deutsch. I found these to be great stories. The books are all told in a way that lets the reader know the facts are true without managing to sound like a textbook or nonfiction. I found I retained many of the facts from this series.

Time Warp Trio: Each book in this series was written by Jon Scieszka. I found this series to be full of good stories and good facts but didn’t find myself retaining many of them.

Rankings (Storyline)

1) Blast to the Past

2) Dog Diaries

3) Horse Diaries

4) Time Warp Trio

5) Maximilian P. Mouse, Time Traveler

Rankings (Fact Retention)

1) Blast to the Past

2) Dog Diaries

3) Maximilian P. Mouse, Time Traveler

4) Time Warp Trio

5) Horse Diaries

Results (Overall Winner)

Blast to the Past





About animalsandmagic

I am an author, artist, photographer, and the owner of A&M Moonlight Creations, an independent publishing company. I write children’s-tween fiction about animals, magic, superheroes, and more. I have many works in progress including; animal point of view adventures, fantasy, realistic fiction, sci-fi, a graphic novel, and more. I read a lot as my followers on Goodreads, BookBub, and Twitter are well aware of! I also have many other hobbies, some of which include; writing, photography, drawing, watching TV and movies, playing video games, listening to music, coloring, working jigsaw puzzles, working puzzle and activity books, and collecting various things. I love animals and currently have a Toy Poodle named Merveille, and a Mini Rex rabbit named Kojikaki. I have adopted most of my pets from rescue centers.
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