Upgrading the Blog

My blog isn’t nearly as active as it should be, however I have been working to get it running again. The reason there haven’t been new posts in a while is because I have been working on posts that will bring it to a more personal level. These posts don’t come easily to me and my life doesn’t really offer much to blog about.

Life for me isn’t really that exciting. I’m an author with a publishing company and that’s really all there is. I’m not one of those authors that gets inspired by these incredible adventures that they have had, because I don’t have adventures. I can only imagine adventures and more interesting lives than my own. 

Most of the time I do the same things every day. I get up and when it’s possible to, I go outside. I do some reading later and write if the mood hits. I feel like if I blogged about my life you would always read the same post.

Sometimes I go to vendor events or author events for book promotion, but what happens at these events is basically just waiting and hoping to sell books. Interesting happenings are rare. 

Otherwise I don’t have much going on in my life. I don’t get to see people or be with them much, aside from family so fun is always lacking. I have the worlds most inactive dog, and I have yet to learn how to drive. 

I’m not complaining about my life. While boring, there are occasionally blog worthy moments. I have been drawing on my past and my current life to create blog posts. However, as there aren’t many yet, the blog will still be a bit inactive. At least you can’t complain that I make too many posts. 


About animalsandmagic

I am an author, artist, and owner of A & M Moonlight Creations. I love animals and have adopted most of my pets from rescue centers. I have written over 200 stories in the areas of animals, the relationships between humans and animals, magic, superheroes, and more.
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