Duck, Duck, Goose


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My Ghost Story

Sometimes crazy and impossible things happen. Most people would either ignore what I experienced or use science to explain it. You could say I imagined it, that what happened was coincidence, or explain what happened in many different ways. You can say whatever you want, but you will never change what I know happened.

I was at home cleaning the cage of my rabbit, Oreo, when just for a moment I felt a cold breeze. There was no one around and no open doors at that time. This all happened very quickly. Directly following the cold was what I would call a companionable warmth, like what you would feel with a friend nearby. This lasted right up until the phone rang and the warm presence was gone, leaving behind the feeling of sadness. Just after that, I’m being told what I already knew. Oreo was gone. 

As crazy and impossible as it sounds to many people, I believed it then and always will believe that Oreo was there. 

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Going in a New Direction

I was wrong. I will not be making the posts I originally had planned. The reason for this is because my head doesn’t work like that. I can’t control where my thoughts go so sticking to a plan never seems to work out. However, I can stick to ideas with no problems. As I considered where to go and what to do next, an idea came to me. I decided that before I can make it interesting for you, I need to make it interesting for me. That’s why I haven’t made a lot of posts. I’m always getting stuck on what would be interesting to everyone else. Now, I’m just going to make posts that are fun for me and see what happens. It works for writing stories so I assume the same rules apply here as well. In my next post, whatever that ends up being, I am just going to go with it. 

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Meet Cheryl Casebeer

As mentioned in my last post, Cheryl Casebeer is A & M Moonlight Creation’s newest author. Last time I introduced you to her book, Around the Corner. Today, as promised, I am introducing you to her.


Cheryl CasebeerCheryl is a wife, daughter, sister, and is the luckiest mother to the best daughter ever. She is a registered nurse and has worked in a pediatric intensive care unit, emergency room, and for a school system. She loves animals especially her 2 dogs and 2 cats. Around the Corner was written about a dog that she had that followed her daughter around everywhere when she was just a toddler. Cheryl enjoys writing short stories. Around the Corner is her first published work. The print edition is available now for purchase on Amazon.


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Around the Corner

Around the Corner is the newest release from A & M Moonlight Creations. In the upcoming weeks I will introduce you to the author, Cheryl Casebeer, and share a little about adding a second author to my company.

Kira is a young teenager who on the outside appears to have so much. What she is lacking is self-confidence; she is shy, and mostly unnoticed by her classmates. She doesn’t consider herself worthy of her many dreams and is anxious to go about achieving her personal goals. Then a rescued dog comes into her life. Things begin to change as she learns to care for this dog and herself; neither of which comes easily.

The print edition of this book is available now for $5.99 on Amazon.

Front Cover

“Ms. Casebeer skillfully gives readers a compassionate look at the insecurities and self doubt that so many young people face. Around the Corner was a pleasure to read and I highly recommend it.”

—Mrs. Stacie Campbell, teacher

Around the Corner is a great book that taught me that animals can be your best friend.”

—Savanna, student.



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Review of The Dinosaur Puzzle and Other Stories by Gita V. Reddy


While not every story was my thing, I still enjoyed them all. Each one was different from the last but contained what I felt was a full story. What I mean by this is that none of the stories were so short that they felt incomplete.
I think this book would be an excellent choice for readers of all ages who like quick and fun stories. This would make a good read for parents who like to read stories with their children before bedtime or anytime when a quick read works best.

This is not the first book I have read by this author. I have read and enjoyed several other of her works. At this time my favorite one is Cheetaka Queen of Giants, a book I previously reviewed on my blog, but I would easily recommend any of her books.

I highly recommend visiting Gita’s Amazon author page to view what she currently has available.

One particular thing I like about this author is what she charges for her books. All of them are $5.00 or under making them easily affordable. She has one permanently free book called, Daksha the Medicine Girl as well as several children’s books for $0.99.

You can find and connect with Gita in the following places:




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A wild Adventure Down Under.

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How to Write a Review

Lee French

Because I, like many indie authors, need book reviews to prosper, it’s crossed my mind to wonder why so few readers write them. There are lots of theories.

1.Readers are lazy and/or can’t be bothered to take the time. They read books, toss them aside, and move on.

2. Readers don’t think their opinion matters; the pros do the reviewing, and no one cares what anyone else thinks.

3. Readers aren’t sure what to put into a review.

As for #1, there’s nothing I can do except implore you to reconsider. When you like a book, the only way other people get to share your joy is if you tell them about it. Likewise, when you hate a book, you can help others avoid inflicting the pain on themselves.

With #2, I’ve written about this before. There are professional reviewers out there, sure. They read what the Big 5…

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Oreo Raises a Paw for Animals

Today’s blog post is very special. This isn’t just because I am posting on a Sunday. It is also because a very special guest is here today.
Meet Oreo. This cute little dog is the mascot of the Read for Animals project, but what is this project?
Oreo“What can we do as writers and poets to help animals in need? We can write, sell the book and donate the money – after publishing fees – to animal shelters, sanctuaries and animal hospices to help their dedicated work. The Read for Animals project started when I was organizing and rewriting the short stories I have written the past few years. The idea came to me that with a few of my friends we could put together an anthology to help animals, and I asked my animal lover friends if they’d like to participate. They responded, and the stories and poems started flooding in. We published the first book of the Read for Animals series, and the first $100 donation was made to Columbia Greene animal shelter of NY, thanks to animal lovers who purchased the book.”
-Erika M Szabo
ReadForAnimalsEbook600 (3)
Read for Animals #1
The authors, poets and artists:
Erika M Szabo, Lorinda J. Taylor, Cindy J. Smith, Jeanne E. Rogers, Zrinka Jelic, Patrick O’Scheen, Kristine Raymond, Shebat Legion, Sandra Novelly, Shannon Sonneveldt, Julie Davis Dundas, Linda Whitehead Humbert, Debbie D. (Doglady), Klarissa Kocsis
The second Read for Animals Anthology was recently released. My previous blog post was about this book and the two stories I wrote for it.
Read for Animals #2
The authors and poets:
Erika M Szabo, Evelyn Steward, Jennifer Priester, Lorinda J. Taylor, Olyn Warfield, Paula Shene, Jeanne E. Rogers, Aya Walksfar, Pamela Griffiths, Linda Whitehead Humbert, Alice Marks, John A. Miller, Brian T Shirley, Tracey Dixon, Sandra Novelly, Susan M Plake, Barbara Corry, Michael Spisak, Susan Austin.”
Both books can be found for purchase in both print and eBook formats. The following link will take you to the page where you can find links to buy, watch the rise of the Raise a Paw meter, enter a giveaway to win a full color print of Book Two, vote for the next shelter, sanctuary or animal hospice to receive the donation of $100, discover other books to read and more:
Although this meter looks different from the one on the site, it shows you how the Raise a Paw meter works. Basically for each $10 made a paw gets added to the meter indicating what the profit level is currently at and what number we are working towards achieving. The ultimate goal is to reach for the hundreds as each time another $100 is raised the money goes directly to animals in need. Besides helping Oreo raise a paw for animals by buying the anthologies and spreading the word about them to friends and family, there is another way you can help.
At this time Oreo is on a quest to visit as many blogs, websites, Facebook and other social media sites as he can to talk about the Read for Animals project. Would you invite him to visit yours or would you say no to this adorable little dog that wants to help his animal friends in the shelters? If you would like to invite Oreo head over to this site and tell him:
Oreo says: “Won’t you please help me help my animal friends?”
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Which Did it Best-Historical Fiction for Children

Looking through books I have read I noticed that several of them are parts of historical fiction series for children. Previously I thought I didn’t like historical fiction so I was a bit surprised by this. Due to the fact that I read several and enjoyed most of the ones I read I decided to compare these books. The following books have been compared not just by the storyline and my enjoyment of it, but my ability to remember the facts presented as well.

The Books

Horse Diaries: Each book in this series was written by a different author and is told by the horse. I found this series to have some interesting and entertaining stories that ranged from good to excellent. They all read well in the sense that unless you recognized the facts and the books didn’t say, you wouldn’t know that the stories were based off of real horses and true events, however I didn’t retain many of these facts.

Dog Diaries: Each book in this series was written by Kate Klimo. This series looks and reads much like the Horse Diaries series, however the facts are more obvious particularly because the famous dogs, such as Barry and Togo, tell you right in the first chapter that they were real dogs and all the events in the book actually happened. This makes it harder to ignore the fact that the books are historical fiction so while I liked the stories and reading about the dogs, my disinterest in history often got in the way. However, unlike the Horse Diaries series I retained most of the facts.

Maximilian P. Mouse, Time Traveler: Each book in this series was written by Philip M. Horender. I have only read a couple of these books and while I found them to be good I haven’t really gotten that into them. So far I have only gotten into them enough to continue to read the series. I found fact retention happened on and off with these books.

Blast to the Past: Each book in this series was written by Stacia Deutsch. I found these to be great stories. The books are all told in a way that lets the reader know the facts are true without managing to sound like a textbook or nonfiction. I found I retained many of the facts from this series.

Time Warp Trio: Each book in this series was written by Jon Scieszka. I found this series to be full of good stories and good facts but didn’t find myself retaining many of them.

Rankings (Storyline)

1) Blast to the Past

2) Dog Diaries

3) Horse Diaries

4) Time Warp Trio

5) Maximilian P. Mouse, Time Traveler

Rankings (Fact Retention)

1) Blast to the Past

2) Dog Diaries

3) Maximilian P. Mouse, Time Traveler

4) Time Warp Trio

5) Horse Diaries

Results (Overall Winner)

Blast to the Past





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