Review of “Wolf the Journey Home” by: Asta Bowen

Wolf the Journey Home

This book was really good, if a little sad, and is the story of a mother wolf and her pups after being relocated. Once moved begin to try to get back home to where they came from. This book was based off of the lives of real wolves that were being studied and because of this the wolves in the book are normal wolves. This is a very good read for anyone who loves animals, especially wolves and want to read a more natural book. Unlike many documentary’s, the story is told in a very interesting way. Once you begin reading this book you won’t want to stop until you know what happens to the wolves. Just a warning though, the more you love animals the more emotional you will be while reading this book. I loved it and it is one of my favorite books that don’t have or need speech between the animals to make it interesting.


About animalsandmagic

I am an author and publisher of children’s fiction, as well as an artist, and photographer. I also enjoy reading, playing video games, watching TV & movies, and more. I love animals and currently have a toy poodle named Merveille, and a Mini Rex rabbit named Kojikaki. Many of my pets over the years have been rescues from shelters. I also have selective mutism, and social phobia and am a big supporter of mental health awareness as well as animal rescue.
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